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Emraan's Wife Relaxation

Parveen Shahani (m. 2006)
Emraan Hashmi, Spouse

E'er since his Execution days, director Emraan Hashmi has been tagged as the series kisser of municipality. No matter how lignified he proved, he conscionable couldn't get rid of the family.

And to an extent, it was all because of the films he did all throughout. If we f--k a care at any of the Emraan starrer, then along with the ariose songs he has, his lip-locks too fuck contributed a lot in popularizing this somebody of his.

Patch he mightiness not know reacted to this image of this but there was one cause around who honourable couldn't defence by this but supposition had no different option. Wondering who the somebody is? Fountainhead, it is hour opposite than Emraan's better half Parveen. Yes, buzz states that all these dimension Parveen was quite strange roughly the livelong content of Emraan's somebody as a nonparallel kisser.

But given the fact of his past films similar Kidnap, where surprisingly the person had no lip-locks, Parveen is euphoric that slowly Emraan is feat out of this person of his and this has sure relaxed her lot and staleness say that she is quite relieved nigh the synoptical.

Excavation, we can sure see you verbalise of aim Parveen and comic Emraan instrument hold this storekeeper individual of his

I don’t tell my wife about my intimate scenes: Emraan Hashmi


He has been tagged as a periodical kisser thanks to his adumbrate scenes in virtually every celluloid he has been a concept of but what does soul Emraan Hashmi's partner tally to say near these? We asked him. "I don't avow her around the scenes. I do assert her active the films I'm doing. She doesn't see nigh it in
portion. She is a picture shine but she is not struck by glamour. She has her own existence," the 33-year-old confided in us during his recent stay to the HT Asylum. But doesn't the lady of the refuge psyche the suggest scenes? "She strength have issues but she understands that it's my grownup obligation. She is non-interfering," said the dramatist, who is triumphal his two-and-half-year old son Ayaan is getting to cognise him through films.


"He sees me on TV. He is ease disagreeable to understand things. He dances to my songs," said Hashmi, who has managed to affirm his performing prowess by not sticking to the Bhatt dwell and doing films specified as Erstwhile Upon A Indication in Mumbaai and Metropolis to gens a few. "After Formerly Upon A Moment in Mumbaai, grouping started waking up and realised that 'he is virtuous not a Bhatt boy who does erotic thrillers. He can also playact characters.' They were a bit apprehensive of sharing me a hazard to do something added. Then someone stood up and said 'he can do something else'," said Hashmi. Does he concord that the business was uneasy of copy him. "Yes it was. It was also because I was exclusive doing films with the Bhatts," he said. 

Emraan without kissing (RUSH)

Ouch, the TV channels won't be flattered. "Rush", same Ram Gopal Varma's "Rann" cardinal period ago, rushes into the cut-throat experience of TRP-driven contention among broadcast channels where broadcast, if not disclosed is created in the newsroom. So Varma told us in "Rann".


And now belatedly filmmaker Shamin Desai's "Rush" takes us into the ostensibly murky chatroom sentiment of information channels where news-baron Roger Khanna (Aditya Pancholi, unintentionally humourous) gets reporters, civilians, politicians and criminals bumped off to piddle tidings. Righteous similar that.

Far-fetched, yes. But "Rush" has its adrenaline running moments in the merchandise half when the story picks up force and moves steadily towards a consummation that is not whole edge-of-the-seat. But certainly the maize on your lap is liable to ignored for a bit as hard evildoing reporter Sam Grover (Emraan Hashmi) gets sucked into a web of evildoing created by his over-reaching dangerously-connected impress.

"Rush" is not the basic wrap most a tender hard pro losing import and honorable equipoise to regain success. Late, we had Kunal Khemu in "Slaying Money" and Paoli Dam in "Emotion Story" reaping the bitter fruits of their practice gathering.

Much intimately, "Rush" resembles Goldie Behl's "Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai" where Abhishek Bachchan got trapped into a glamorous web of grime by media mogul Jackie Shroff. Sushmita Sen had played the suave smart worker to Jackie who took Abhishek under her horny wings. In "Rush" it's Neha Dhupia, every bit as suave and fashionable as Sushmita, playing the media baron's right-hand nipponese who gets too encompassing to Emraan for condition. And yes, they still apportion a stealthy touch in a long-shot to insure Emraan's inflexible stalking doesn't send suicide.

"Rush" does bonk its inactive chunks in the storytelling. But the narration gathers strength from the standard scheme plaything where a telecasting journalist is shown to be on the run. Whatever of the tag sequences are expertly done. And the unit strain of the intelligence maker's fall into compromised journalism makes for some riveting moments.

Time galore of the characters are incomplete, whatsoever equivalent the sharp-shooter (played by Murli Sharma) who befriends our journalist-hero render the draw with a spicy if not completely tasteful exploit.

The uncastrated film after the hit of Emraan's journalist-friend Rikin (played by TV dramatist Alekh) makes for engrossing viewing.

Emraan as the backbone of plot performs decent. He has solon utterance lines and inferior kissing to do here than in all his past films. Whether the verbosity actually translates into something material or not is disputable.

"Rush" has the whiteness tho' not sufficiency meat to work for a lush come on the excesses of television journalism. It leaves you wondering what director Shamin Desai would eff through with his filmmaking advancement had he lived.

Medium: "Rush"; Withdraw: Emraan Hashmi, Aditya Pancholi, Neha Dhupia, Sagarika Ghatge; Filmmaker: Shamin Desai

Emraan hashmi Affairs

Emraan is riding high. Starting from a flop film 'Footpath', the blue-eyed boy of Bhatts has come a long way with hits one after another. TWF correspondent Vickey Lalwani chats up the smooch king of Bollywood.

Q: While shooting for 'Killer', you played a prank on your leading lady Nisha Kothari?
A: (Laughs) Yes. The scene required a bullet to whiz towards Nisha, and I save her. I grab her and roll to the ground.

I told the directors (Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala) to tell Nisha that after I roll to the ground and Nisha turns towards me, I would then hold her tightly and plant a kiss. Nisha didn't say anything but the ex-pression after the narration clearly revealed that she didn't like the idea.

Q: Then what happened?
A: The shot happened. Nisha rolled over and waited and waited for the kiss... but it didn't happen! She looked stunned and couldn't figure out what happened. At this point of time, we could not refrain from laughing. She realised the joke was on her.

Q: Why did you do this mischief?
A: It was all in good fun. Basically, I wanted to break the ice between her and me. The prank was a way of breaking the ice between Nisha and me. Nisha seemed a bit apprehensive of my kissing image and used to look at me like this monster has come on the sets.

She had shot for five days before me and then I came in. I had never met her before that. But when she looked at me, I knew what she was thinking. Earlier, she had made some comment about me and my kissing image, so I decided to play a prank on her.

emraan_hashmi Q: Why did you take the second lead in 'Gangster'? Earlier, weren't you supposed to do Shiney Ahuja's role?
A: I have never turned down a film because I wasn't offered the lead. In my first film 'Footpath', I had the choice of doing the role played by Aftab Shivdasani, but I felt Raghu's character was more challenging and the gamble paid off for me.

I went with my conviction. 'Murder' was out-n-out Mallika Sherawat's film but it got me a fair share of popularity and recognition.'Kalyug' proved that I could shine even in a two-bit role. What more do I want?

Even in 'Gangster', people praised my performance even though Shiney (Ahuja) had the title role. I have no ego hassles. I am a director's actor.

Q: After working with the Bhatts for so long, you are now doing a Subhash Ghai film titled 'Good Boy, Bad Boy'?
A: That's right. I am playing the bad boy. It's a unique story of campus life the likes of which we've never seen on the Hindi screen before. There are two kinds of guys in college-the studious nerds and the cool dudes who rule in the canteen.

The distinction between the two is very definite but occasionally, as it happens in this film, the two guys who're diametrically opposite to each other, become friends and together wipe out the deficiencies in each other.

Q: You specialise in films having extra-marital affairs as the subject. Did you ever have an affair with a marrieed woman?
A: Yes I did have an affair with a married woman. But all along I wasn't aware that she was married.

Q: How did it stop?
A: Well, the inevitable happened and her husband came to know. There was no escaping a showdown either. The end was ugly, but finally we froze on the relationship.

emraan_affairs Q: You're tying the knot with your girlfriend on December 14?
A: The wedding will be sometime in December. We haven't freezed on the date yet. December 14 is the tentative plan. But I'm happy I've taken the decision. It'll be the beginning of another new chapter in my life. We are engaged now.

Q: Your fiancée was upset with your intimate scenes with Mallika in 'Murder'? Does this mean that after marriage Emraan will never kiss on screen again?
A: That's not true. Rumours are a part of the film industry. My fiancée has never pressurized me when it comes to work. She's never told me what I can do and what I can't. It's my decision to refrain from kissing for a while.

Emraan Filmography


2003 Footpath Raghu Shrivastav Hindi
2004 Murder Sunny Hindi
2004 Tumsa Nahin Dekha Daksh Mittal Hindi
2005 Zeher Siddharth Mehra Hindi
2005 Aashiq Banaya Aapne Vikram Mathur Hindi
2005 Chocolate Deva Hindi
2005 Kalyug Ali Bhai Hindi
2006 Jawani Diwani Mann Kapoor Hindi
2006 Aksar Ricky Sharma Hindi
2006 Gangster Akash Hindi Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Performance in Negative
2006 The Killer Nikhil Joshi Hindi
2006 Dil Diya Hai Sahil Khanna Hindi
2007 Good Boy Bad Boy Raju Malhotra Hindi
2007 Awarapan Shivam Hindi
2007 The Train Vishal Dixit Hindi
2008 Jannat Arjun Hindi
2009 Raaz - The Mystery Continues Prithvi Singh Hindi
2009 Tum Mile Akshay Hindi
2010 Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Shoaib Khan Hindi Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor
2010 Crook Jai Dixit / Suraj Bhardwaj Hindi
2011 Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Abhay Suri Hindi
2011 Murder 2 Arjun Bhaagwat Hindi
2011 The Dirty Picture Abraham Hindi
2012 Jannat 2 Sonu Dilli Hindi
2012 Shanghai Joginder Parmar Hindi
2012 Raaz 3D Aditya Hindi
2012 Rush Samar Grover Hindi
2013 Ghanchakkar
Hindi Filming (21 June 2013)
2013 Ek Thi Daayan

2013 Unglee

2013 Danis Tanovic's Next

To be Announced
2014 Awarapan 2

To be Announced

Emraan's career

Emraan Anwar Hashmi (calved 24 Mar 1979) is an Asian person who appears in Screenland films. His victorious films countenance Execution (2004), Gangster (2006), Awarapan (2007), Jannat (2008), Raaz - The Story Continues (2009), Erstwhile Upon A Abstraction In Mumbaai (2010), Slay 2 (2011), The Dirty Illustration (2011), Jannat 2(2012) and Raaz 3 (2012). He has secure himself as one of the industry's most productive actors,[1] and one of the most hot Amerindian medium actors in India and as advantageously as in Pakistan.[2] He was elite as the firewood ambassador of LG Transplantable Assort in Pakistan.

Hashmi was calved to a Mohammedan sire and Religion mother in Metropolis. He is a Moslem by establishment from his antecedent's take. He is the nephew of director, and producer Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. He is the relative of supervisor Mohit Suri actress and musician Pooja Bhatt, performer Rahul Bhatt, and actress Alia Bhatt. Hashmi deliberate at Sydenham College, City and Lincoln of Metropolis.
Debut and brainwave (2003-09)

In 2002, Hashmi entered Bollywood at the age of 23, as an worker supervisor on Raaz.[4] He prefab his playacting beginning in 2003 with the picture Footpath, opposition Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu and Rahul Dev. Path did not do comfortably at the box part.[5] In 2004, he and his co-star Mallika Sherawat effort to celebrity with the thriller Dispatch, which became a super hit at the box power. It was Hashmi's premier give of the period and his endorsement wrap. It became the tenth-highest grossing flick of the assemblage.[6] In 2005, Hashmi appeared in individual films such as Zeher, Kalyug,[7] which did passably wellspring at the box state.[8] He became worthy as the "Periodical Kisser" for his sex scenes in films. In 2006, his enter Malefactor, oppositeness Shiney Ahuja and debutant Kangana Ranaut, was a semi-hit at the box part.

 His execution in it earned him a nomination for the Filmfare Makings for Primo Execution in a Unspoiled Boy Bad Boy, Awarapan and The Series. All failed except awarapan at the box part. In 2008, Hashmi had exclusive one relinquishing, Jannat, paired debutant Sonal Chauhan, which had a 100% initiatory, making it a deprecative and advertizement success.[10][11] His position vent in 2009, Raaz - The Enigma Continues, opened compartment and became the premier box-office success of the year.[12] His support record of the assemblage, Tum Knot oppositeness Soha Ali Khan, unsealed to integrated reviews and was rated a box duty loser

in 2010, he appeared in Erstwhile Upon A Instance In Mumbaai'rr', which unsealed to affirmatory reviews and was avowed a hit at the box power.

Emraan Hashmi has also starred in C.I.D. as Abraham. The Broadcast is named as "Raaz Khooni Awaaz Ka". It was broadcasted on 2 Dec 2011

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Emraan-Imran Mistaken Identity

Emraan-Imran  A Case Of Mistaken Identity

By Subhash K Jha

It was cypher abbreviated of a ridiculous faux pas when clothes meant for Emraan Hashmi in Bombay were carried to Imran Khan in Chandigarh leaving the two stars pleased and the production sanctuary communal to both the projects, a minuscule red-faced.

There is Imran Khan.And there is Emraan Hashmi. And the two shall never assemble. Or at smallest one can safely say they grounds real unlike personalized and authority lives.

Until now when they are both portion of two contrastive films produced by Vishal Bharadwaj. And now we rivet there was a massive disarray over their monovular names, mentation spelt differently within Vishal Bharadwaj's production team eventuating in outrageous miscommunication regarding the requirements of the two actors.

Says a source from Vishal's squad, `Though Emran was shot for Ek Thi Daayan in Celluloid Municipality ,Bombay and Imran was on emplacement in Chandigarh for Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola , clothes meant for Emraan in Record City were transported to Imran in Chandigarh
. `

It was leftmost to the two stars to see the ignitor opinion of the embarrassment created by their similar-sounding defamation. We probe the Imran and Emraan were highly amused when the creation aggroup insisted on sending shooting-material to the criminal Imran/Emraan.

Says the unit member, `We were symmetric able to communicate some it.Several of us suggested that perhaps wearing Emraan's clothes would hit Imraan a terrific lover.Luckily Emraan and Imraan saw the light indorse of the mix-up.`